Take 2 brothers, both professional musicians, both teachers, both with a great sense of humor, and you have “Strummin’ and Drummin’.” In 2016 they performed over 200 shows all over the east coast. They bring a lively , fresh, very funky approach to kids music! Lots of crowd interaction, loads of instruments, hands on drumming, guitar accompanied sing a longs from around the world, adventurous stories, and great catchy original songs. All done with the perfect combination of Education and Entertainment--Or as we call it “Edutainment.” 

Out of college, brothers Chris and Matt began working in schools in Long Island, NY and NYC. They both had hands on experience inside the classrooms and really absorbed what kids were all about. Through their journey they realized humor, silliness, fun, and education could be combined with music for the ultimate way to reach children. They developed a unique elementary school show, and before they knew it, they were visiting up to 10 schools/programs per week! They realized their destiny was in bringing joy, smiles, and fun to the children. They’ve managed to blend catchy lyrics, world rhythms into styles of country, Americana, world music, blues and jazz. They wanted to make the music fun for the kids of course, but also hip for the parents too. The total family experience was the goal.

Through their travels, they have performed at countless elementary schools, early childhood programs, park and community events, and private concerts. They have also performed for many special needs schools and programs. Their show is all inclusive, upbeat, fun, multicultural, and filled with excitement!